Delivering energetic audio signals


By applying special processing to the lacquer board, which has a high affinity with vinyl records,
There is no habit peculiar to the material, and more natural and vivid record playback has been realized.



Main features


Further improvement of sound quality

By reducing the thickness of the record label, the degree of adhesion has been further improved.
As a result, slippage with the record disc is prevented and stable rotation performance is obtained.
Achieves a more precise musical expression.


Improved usability

The original model AP-UD1 had the same diameter as the record itself, so when flipping a record from Side 1 to Side 2,
We have received opinions from customers that they are likely to bring it with the vinyl.

You can enjoy even more real sound by stacking it on top of the AP-UD1 you are currently using.




Material Aluminum (with unique surface coating)   Dimensions Diameter 305mm  Thickness 1.6mm  Weight 337g