About Point Audio

Audio electronics ~
is a field that brings science and art together

Embracing the ideals of crafting the finest equipment of music playback, Point Audio was established in 2011 in Hsinchu – the city of science. Our commitment is to provide a means for music lovers to playback their favorite tunes in a natural, pure, and direct way.

The first product we developed was the Point Audio Speaker. We started with the core of the product: the driver, and created our full-range speaker that surpasses other competing products. Later in 2014, in a chance encounter with a Japanese company SPEC Corp. that shared the philosophy as us, we took on a new role as the agent and distributor of their exquisitely designed amplifiers in Taiwan.

Despite the waves of depression that hit Japan and the global economy as a whole, a group of artisans who had dedicated themselves to the audio industry for more than thirty years pooled all their savings and founded SPEC Corp. in 2011 against all odds. In addition to their supreme craftsmanship and incredible passion for their profession, their minimalist design philosophy also mirrors our own.

In the future, we shall continue to provide a rich and comprehensive product lineup and gain the support and recognition from more music lovers. We will insist on our original aspiration of "Creating Direct Pure Sound,” and that shall never change.