Real Sound Processor





(2 units/set)

The Real Sound Processor is an audio accessory for better sound quality by absorption of back electromotive force, and the correction of impedance fluctuations, that are detrimental to sound quality between the amplifier and speakers.



Main Features


Absorption of back electromotive force of the speakers

Amplifiers and speakers affect each other. 
Changes in the music signal cause the impedance of the speakers to fluctuate. 
When the amplifier sends the music signal to the speakers, this impedance fluctuation becomes a troublesome load for the amplifier.
Back electromotive force generated by the speakers’ voice coil interferes with the production of natural, “pleasing to the ear” sound.
The Real Sound Processor compensates for this impedance fluctuation, which is detrimental to sound quality, and absorbs back electromotive force. This allows the amplifier and speakers to break free from each other's influence, allowing the speakers to be driven by the amplifier as they should be.


1500V (1.5kV) DC Metallized Film Capacitor


Robust capacitor with a withstand voltage of 1500V plays powerful bass.


Hybrid structure of spruce and walnut


                   Parts placed directly on the spruce pedestal Pedestal unit housed in a walnut case


Audio quality parts are placed in contact with the spruce pedestal directly. They vibrate together with the music signal to bring out rich bass. They are connected by aerial wiring and housed in a walnut wood outer box. The RSP-W1EX has an attractive bass due to the hybrid structure of spruce and walnut. The hybrid structure using spruce material is based on the same idea as our amplifier. It is the idea that Real Sound Processor is also a musical instrument.




The RSP-W1 passes the current due to the counter-electromotive force. This current, if we express it directly, acts like as a “short brake" in the motor. It brakes unwanted vibrations of woofer, resulting in agile its movement. The RSP-W1 is set to pass low-frequency signals, so it achieves ideal woofer movement.