Diretta USB Bridge




What is the DIRETTA


Diretta is a new audio transmission technology over LAN (network line).
This technology aims to improve sound quality by keeping the load on the receiver constant, with the sending side of the sound source as the "host" and the receiving side as the "target".
A great effect of improving sound quality can be obtained when playing a high-resolution sound source with a USB-DAC.
In order to realize diretta, host and target are required.



How to use RMP-UB1


People who use a Windows PC with a USB DAC

People who use NAS or MUSIC SERVER





Diretta sound quality improvement principle


Noise can be reduced by continuously sending a small amount of data rather than processing a large amount of data intermittently. DIRETTA ON RMP-UB1 reduces the impact of digital signal processing on analog signals, mainly in DAC devices, by averaging the data sent to the USB DAC. This improves the dynamic SN.
RMP-UB1 is not a noise filter. By improving the dynamic SN of the system, the original timbre expression emerges. 
This greatly contributes to the SPEC philosophy of "realistic reproduction," and brings out the reality of live performances.



About ROON support


For Windows PC, you can use ROON by installing HOST on your PC.
In case of MAC, we can not support it for now.
If you use NAS, you will need a PC that will be ROON CORE.
In the case of Nucleus, ROON support is not possible at this stage.



Specific effect of RMP-UB1


You will notice that the fine sounds that have been buried in noise emerge. Then, the tone of the instrument regains its original beauty, and you can feel the musicality that is close to your heart. The timbres of various musical instruments are characterized by the intricately mixed minute harmonics. In addition, you will also recognize a realistic three-dimensional effect. This is because the minute signal is the basis of the stereophonic sound field.



SPEC Philosophy


The most important thing for musical reproduction is the reproduction of minute signals

The effect of DIRETTA ON RMP-UB1 matches the spec philosophy of pursuing realistic musicality. DIRETTA ON RMP-UB1 lowers the noise floor of digital signal reproduction to bring out the musical core and stereoscopic expression contained in the source signal. This is because the minute signal expresses the basis of the timbre and constructs a stereophonic stereoscopic image. The biggest issue in audio playback these days is this dynamic SN, not the static SN. Static SN ratios are found in many audio equipment catalogs, however, it is the dynamic SN ratio that impedes the purity of music. SPEC has been developing various technologies to improve it. This DIRETTA ON RMP-UB1 will be a major factor toward that goal.


The SPEC’s minute signal reproduction technology is as follows

By absorbing the back electromotive force of the speaker, the reproduction of minute signals is improved.

By moving and stopping the speaker cone accurately, minute signals are reproduced clearly.

The minute signal contained in the source signal is guided to the final stage of the amplifier without omission.

Improve the dynamic SN of the high resolution signal reproduction system.



Requires network knowledge


When using RMP-UB1, it is necessary to install the driver and make various settings on the network by yourself. To do this, you need a basic knowledge of networks.





There are two types of product regarding input format, LAN and SFP. The RMP-UB1SFP comes with SFP fiber module set, SFP COPPER module, and a fiber cable (1m, 24m).



LAN Model

SFP Model