Real Sound Amplifire




The RSA-BW7EX delivers the dynamism of music to you.



The sound of RSA-BW7EX is based on the RSA-777EX, with more expressive power in the mid-low range.





Two key parts researched for BW7

Two key components for BW7 


The capacitors developed for the BW7 have excellent properties for low frequency reproduction.The rectifier diodes developed for the BW7 also have an outstanding ability to carry low frequency currents and pass them on to the capacitors. The low frequencies of the BW7 are created and tunedby these two key components.


The rich mid-range and energetic low frequencies, combined with the high-speed sound by theswitching power supply, enhance the brilliance of the musical performance and maximize the excitement of listening to music.







The other parts

Other blended capacitors

Direct drive FET




RSA-BW7EX appearance