300W Monaural Power Amplifier




And, to people who feel the followings.


who want to feel the sound pressure of base more.
who feel that the sound of a violin should be softer and more comfortable
who think trumpet or human voice should feel more sound pressure
who think live music should be smoother and more transparent, not harsh. 
who want to feel the natural three-dimensionality of the stage. 
who don't prefer about being different from the live tone.
who don't want fine sounds to be mixed into large particles.

Unprecedented realistic stage, RPA-MG1000 frees you from such worries. We aim to manufacture best amps to experience music. The sound full of "musicality" faithfully reproduces the artistry of the performer.



The amplifier is a musical instrument


The most important concept of SPEC is "the amplifier is a musical instrument".

The wooden panels integrated with the amplifier provides beautiful and natural tones in the music. The bottom panel is made of thick SPRUCE wood, which is the same material used as the front panel of a violin. The side panels are made of MAPLE wood, similar to backside of a violin. They vibrate with music and enhance the beautiful natural tones.

Like a musical instrument maker, we carefully selected materials and considered different combinations.

Wooden feet of maple wood with hickory embedded in the center are designed in such a way that only the hickory located in the center is grounded. 
The RPA-MG1000 is built as an instrument.



Music is a tone color


The sounds of instruments and human voice contain an enormous amount of detailed harmonic signals, which form a beautiful sound. The PURE DIRECT SYSTEM of RPA-MG1000 amplifies all these minute signals faithfully without exception.

The sounds of violins contain a lot of detailed harmonics.

Complex and miniscule harmonic overtones result in beautiful audio

Therefore, SPEC takes special concern in the faithful representation of minute audio signals.



Music is a Sound Pressure


800VA R-COER TRANSFORMER supplies powerful energy to the speakers to reproduce the sound pressure energy. Sound pressure is the energy of the instrument itself.



A high musical expression capabilities based on Class D.


300W FETs and PWM controller

Music signals are always changing sharply, so it is important to MOVE and STOP the speakers sharply and accurately for music expression. Class D method has high dynamic drive capability, so it is indispensable for music expression. In addition, live musical instruments and voices are giving off strong sound pressure. Sound pressure is exactly the energy of music.

Very small FETs by Infineon Technologies supplies powerful energy directly to the speakers reproducing the sound pressure of the instrument. That's because Class D works just as a switch instantaneously. Sound pressure is the energy of the instrument itself. Additionally, simple and small circuit enables the sound with high-speed and highly clear tone. This is possible due to FETs almost completely preventing heat generation. There is no huge heat sink. Only a small heat sink is on the board.



Not only for timbre expression but also for spatial expression, the leading role is minute signal.


Stereophonics represent a stereo image of sound with a slight difference between the left and right signals.

With the reliable reproduction of minute signals, we can feel realistically a three-dimensional effect.

SPEC takes special concern in the faithful representation of minute audio signals



The leading role in musical expression is a minute signal.


SPEC delivers "music" to you in a system that does not compromise on minute signals.


Direct connection at source device level. Conventional, pre-amplifier-based connections are small level connections. For small signals, transmission at a large level is advantageous because, the small signal in the small level signal shrinks further and could disappear completely. PURE DIRECT CONNECTION with Volume Controller is essential for the most fresh and most realistic reproduction.


DAmplifies almost all minute signals with analog attenuator and analog PWM. The SPEC system amplifies the “amplitude” by analog processing, so it can be called an analog amplifier.


The CLASS D POWER STAGE absorbs the Counter electromotive force and drives the speakers accurately with its very low impedance.

The Class D FET (under the heat sink) and the low pass filter placed very close to the FET.





1 Neutral: very close to the actual sound of the instruments
2 Sophisticated: Artistic quality beyond the actual sound

It is a quite different method from that of a conventional tone control. Frequency characteristic does not change at all. Each mode is depending on the adopted parts itself.

But isn't that a job for a pre-amplifier? ..No! The class D circuit has a very sensitive point. At the post-stage of CLASS-D, musicality change can be achieved very effectively. We don’t change frequency characteristic, we merely change resonance characteristics of special parts at the post-stage of CLASS D.

  "Huge monolith" mica capacitor Ultrafast soft-recovery diode to make silence


Side panel for the sound (MAPLE)



RPA-MG1000 appearance