Accentuating your music with elegance

Quality texture that is akin to wooden musical instruments



Built specifically for REAL-SOUND AMPLIFIERs, the AC-SIM & AC-LIM are exquisitely constructed with maple for its outstanding characteristics that are perfect for audio equipment to further elevate the quality of your system and music reproduction to the state of perfection.

Key Features

Enhancing pace, airiness and imaging

SPEC has conducted extensive research and tests on different isolation materials for audio equipment in order to determine the best wooden platform that could change equipment vibrations and truly release the overtone of music. With SPEC’s AC-SIM and AC-LIM platforms, your system will benefit from richer and more vivid musicality along with improved overtone and density. Not only that, these platforms can also mitigate negative vibrations and make your music more rounded and pleasing to the ear.

Versatile utility for serious audio equipment

Though designed specifically for SPEC’s REAL-SOUND AMPLIFIER series, that does not mean the AC-SIM and AC-LIM cannot be used for other equipment. In fact, the products are intended for versatile applications with a variety of audio equipment and no matter what you pair it with, you’ll definitely notice the change that SPEC AC-SIM and AC-LIM brings to your system and be pleasantly surprised by the results.


AC-SIM material Natural wood (maple composite)   Dimensions 350mm (L) x370mm (W) 20mm (T) Weight 2kg /piece
AC-LIM material Natural wood (maple composite)   Dimensions 450mm (L) x390mm (W) 20mm (T) Weight 3kg /piece