Surface quality improvement works wonders for CDs and vinyl records



ACOUSTCS UPGRADE Platinum Nanoparticle Solution

SPEC+ PSD-6 features the surface improvement technology that SPEC has jointly developed with Kumamoto University. The nanoparticles of the solution are able to penetrate into the finest crevices of a CD and form a protective coating that can reduce light diffusion to improve read accuracy. When applied on a dated CD, the solution helps to improve the sound definition and for new CDs, the SPEC+ PSD-6 offers immediate improvement in richer overtone and improved sound quality and imaging. The solution is designed to work permanently and is a must-have for CD collectors!

Key features

Immediate improvement with focused imaging

SPEC+ PSD-6 Platinum Nanoparticle Solution features exclusive nano-platinum (Pt) particles. By adding nano (10-9m) platinum particles to the solution and applying the solution to the desired surface, one will be able to achieve immediate improvements in sound quality. In addition to forming a protective coating, the nano-platinum particles will evenly cover and fill up the surface and tiny crevices on a CD to help eliminate bacteria ,deodorize and prevent oxidation over extended periods of time. While removing the trivial build-up of static from the disc’s surface, the solution offers the most important result of improving disc transmission, and read capacity of the laser to render the sound imaging more focused and three-dimensional.

Apply the solution on vinyl records also helps to make the record harder while lowering friction to achieve protection. The nanoparticles will also repair spots affected by molds and cracks to provide immediate improvements in sound quality.



Aim the bottle at the center of a CD and squeeze the nozzle once or twice, then apply the solution evenly with your finger or a soft fabric before drying with a cleaning cloth or fine tissue.