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HK-3 & HK-4

Itaya Maple Isolation Feet

SPEC is passionate about the presentation of musicality and has thus discovered a special material during the development of Real Sound series products…

Product Features

The featured “Itaya Maple” from Hokkaido is a premium material that is primarily used to make the keys for high-end pianos. Due to its limited supplies, its availability is severely limited as piano makers have reserved the majority of the harvested quantity.

During the initial period of product development, SPEC has tried a variety of materials for the isolation of audio equipment. Among the different materials tested, SPEC has chosen Itaya maple, which adheres most closely with the spirit of “Real Sound” it is an isolation material that is most apt at faithfully reproducing the original characteristics of sound and music.


Superior to ordinary metallic and wooden isolation feet

The wooden isolation feet manufactured by SPEC deliver outstanding performance and a careful audition, one will come to a simple conclusion that they offer superior sound quality compared to ordinary metallic and wooden isolation feet. As an isolation material, Itaya maple brings life to the music by improving the density and separation of sound. With a diameter of 6cm and height of 3cm, these isolation feet are made from one-piece logs. Compared with other isolation materials, Itaya maple not only eliminates harmful vibrations but also makes the music more harmonious and pleasing to the ear. Not only that, the material also reduces the noise level in music being played, rendering the sound to be more rounded and lush with enriched overtones.

The same type of maple used for the construction of isolation feet for SPEC amplifiers

In short, these isolation feet instill life and energy into music. Not only that, these amplifiers accentuate the expressions of mid-range overtone and vocal sibilants, making them the perfect accessory for sound quality improvement. For best results, place them under equipment such as CD Player, source, or amplifier. HK3 and HK4 are guaranteed to change your impression of wooden isolation feet as the most unexpected component of a quality audio rig. Due to the extremely limited availability of the material, these isolation feet are limited in quantity are not even displayed on SPEC’s own website.



Diameter 60mm  Thickness 30mm  Weight 250g x 3 pieces

  Material  ;Itaya Maple from Hokkaido;

Diameter 60mm   Thickness 30mm  Weight  250g x 4 pieces

  Material  Itaya Maple from Hokkaido