Delivering energetic audio signals




As if being liberated, the music emits a lively energy and resonance that will reverberate and linger in the air.

Purpose of Development

In the development of GMP-8000 analog turntable, SPEC+ has jointly developed a matching disc sheet in order to achieve the best sound quality possible.

Conventional analog disc sheets are usually made with soft materials such as rubber or leather to dampen vibrations. However, such materials easily lead to overdamping and in turn cause the music to sound dull. On the other hand, materials such as hard metal or glass that have their unique vibration tendencies might add undesirable characteristics to the sound. It is worth noting that in the production of vinyl record, the first step involves the cutting of groves onto a “mother” using a mandrel. This raises one important question: in the cutting process where heavier emphasis is place on the groove cutting strength compared to the groove itself, how are the cutting engineers able to record the signals faithfully onto the vinyl record precisely without artificial elements being captured? Could it be that this “mother” actually achieves the optimal vibration balance for the most accurate sound reproduction? Based on this hypothesis, the aluminum analog disc sheet AP-UD1 has been finished with special surface coating to achieve the ideal balance akin to a “mother.”

Strengths in sound quality

The strengths of analog disc sheet AP-UD1 lie in its realistic reproduction of the original sound

Installing AP-UD1 on an analog turntable that has been optimized will liberate your music – it will emit a lively energy and resonance that reverberates and lingers in the air. The ingenuity of the artist and recording engineer will penetrate the depths of your mind as the art of phonograph gets elevated to the pinnacle with analog disc sheet AP-UD1.

Dedicated Accessory for Analog TurntableGMP-8000

AP-UD1 is the dedicated disc sheet for Analog Turntable GMP-8000

Notes on usage

•Exerting excessive force on the disc sheet may cause it to become twisted or bent; be sure to handle with care when in use or in storage.

•The surface is made with soluble resin; do not clean with alcohol or thinner.

•Due to the softness of the surface, the disc sheet may be susceptible to superficial scratches and abrasions. This is normal and will have no impact on the sound quality.


Material Aluminum (with unique surface coating)   Dimensions Diameter 305mm  Thickness 1.6mm  Weight 337g