Direct Driven Analog Euphonic – An entry-level product with exceptional CP value




An orthodox design that primarily emphasizes sound quality by featuring high spinning precision and long-lasting brushless DC servomotor. The AP-30 is complete with a static balance S-type tonearm, a strobe light, and a Phono preamp with built-in ON/OFF switch so that it can be connected directly to a high-level amplifier.

Equipped with a brushless DC servo motor

In addition to the strengths of offering high spinning precision and outstanding durability, the custom-built high-torque brushless DC motor is capable of achieving the selected spinning speed quickly.

Complete with a professional strobe light and pitch control

The strobe light operates in conjunction with the strobe dots on the platter for the user to check if the record is spinning at the right speed.

Supports 78 rpm SP vinyl record playback

Operates at various speeds including 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm. The pitch control is not only meant for calibration purposes but also offers more versatility in terms of functionality.

Built-in phono preamp (with ON/OFF toggle)

For users without an amplifier with Phono Input, the turntable can be connected via RCA input as well. The ON/OFF toggle on the turntable enables the user to choose if they wish to activate the built-in phono preamp.


Premium VM cartridge

The turntable comes with premium Audio Technical cartridge and stylus so that you can immediately play your favorite records and enjoy high quality music without having to look for a suitable cartridge.


Solid structural design

The AP-30 features Technics’ classic DJ turntable design and comes at a hefty 9.6 kg weight of quality parts and components to set it apart from other competing products. The special damper design on the isolating feet offer excellent vibration dampening to further improve sound quality.


Drive principle Quartz controlled direct drive   Torque Over 1.0kgf – cm
Speed variance ±10%   Speed 33 1/3 rpm、45 rpm、78rpm
Wow and flutter 0.2% wrms   Signal to noise 50dB (unweighted)
Platter Aluminum die-cast 332mm   Motor Brushless DC motor
Tonearm type Static balance S-type tonearm   Effective arm length 230.5mm
Overhang 16mm   Range for tracking force 0~4.0g
Suitable cartridge weight 3.5~8.5g      
Cartridge type VM (Black/AUDIO-TECHNICA ATN3600 equivalent grade) 4.5mV   Output voltage 2.5mV
Tracking force 3.0~4.0g   Replacement stylus AUDIO-TECHNICA ATN100E (equivalent grade)
PHONO Preamp Built in (with ON/OFF switch)   Signal output RCA
Power AC100V~120 50/60Hz   Power consumption 9W
Dimensions 450( W ) x 150( H ) x 350( D ) mm   Weight 9.6 kg