Signature Product that embodies the essence of Real Sound




RSA-M3EX is a conclusive model in our Real Sound AMP lineup. Featuring bold integration of various technical elements that we have cultivated over the course of product development to achieve mature sound reproduction, perhaps it would be fair to say that RSA-M3EX embodies the essence of Real Sound.

High-precision PWM Switching Device

For its power, RSA-M3EX features the latest power MOSFET with switching controller. As for its driver, we have chosen high voltage driver IC that delivers superior timing control to achieve high performance and high-efficacy PWM. These controllers boast exceptional power handling capabilities and promise dynamic sound that is full of energy even when paired with low performance speakers. The lush and layered sound from RSA-M3EX will remind you of a quality 300B directly heated power triode tube amp and deliver the finest aspects of real sound.


The best of both worlds – the lushness from vintage equipment and the outstanding separation of modern sound reproduction

The low-pass filter at the end of the amplifier circuit determines the sound quality of the unit’s PWM. For RSA-M3EX, we have chosen two different customized specification MIL grade PIO capacitors manufactured by the U.S. Arizona Capacitors. With characteristics similar to classic parts in the past, these capacitors feature a combination of features that handle large quantities of signal in the mid-bass range, while the other delivers ideal sound extension in the treble and mid-treble range, made possible in a parallel configuration with mica capacitors that provide outstanding sound quality.


High-grade power supply that packs an incredible punch

In order to fully capitalize the maximum amplification potentials of an unprecedented power efficiency (max output at 96%) that RSA-M3EX is designed to operate on, we have opted for a capacitor input bridge rectifier DC power – a classic design that uses the least number of parts and components. In retrospect of all the sound characteristics of the parts involved, the outstanding instantaneous supply capability and exceptional power supply make the impressive sound performance of the RSA-M3EX possible.


Internal shielding that cuts out all electromagnetic interference

High frequency electromagnetic waves generated by the power supply and other circuitry inside audio equipment are generally susceptible to cross-interference, and the conventional solution of electrical grounding is not adequate to resolve the issue. Consequently, such interference would cause negative impact on the sound quality of the equipment. RSA-M3EX has inherited the structure of RSA-F33EX, with the power adapter, power amplifier and low-pass filter each having their dedicated steel casing to achieve shielding and effectively eliminate the cross-interference of electromagnetic waves among different components inside the amplifier. This comprehensive shielding from harmful electromagnetic waves that enables the RSA-M3EX to deliver outstanding sound quality of the highest purity.


Premium power capacitors

To ensure abundant rectified current while achieving tonal balance across the entire sound range, we have used multiple dedicated electrolytic capacitors arranged in serial connection. Coupled with equivalent series resistance (ESR) improvements, RSA-M3EX delivers gradual and smooth roll-off. In conjunction with premium high voltage endurance PIO capacitors in parallel connection, RSA-M3EX also offers euphonic mid-treble range overtone.


High quality power made possible with the latest SiC SBD

A typical analog power supply usually comprises a transformer, diodes and rectifiers. Naturally, the combination of these parts would determine the quality of power it supplies. After extensive auditions of different diodes for their sound quality, we have in the end chosen to go with SiC SBD for RSA-M3 for its characteristics of extremely short reset time and outstanding switching control for large currents in order to achieve high quality sound performance. The end result is a dynamic and punchy bass; a clear and transparent treble with sweet and lush overtone across the entire range.


Large capacity R Core transformer of identical specifications with our flagship RSA-F33EX

In order to attain better sound performance, we have upgraded the RSA-M3EX to feature the same R Core transformer that we have used in our flagship product – RSA-F1. The transfer responds well to instantaneous large currents and offers fast responding sound quality. For its power, we have also incorporated a special anti-vibration design to achieve defined stereo imaging.


Insisting on using only premium quality parts and components

In order to ensure continual and loyal support from our customers, SPEC has insisted on using parts and components of the highest quality, such as power switch with locking mechanism, high performance and high sensitivity industrial switches, high-precision calibrated volume attenuator and premium rhodium plated RCA connectors, all for the sake of achieving high quality sound.


Base and isolating feet that render the reproduction of natural sound possible

The base and isolating feet of RSA-M3EX are painstakingly crafted with natural wood for its sweet timbre. The sturdy composite base made from European spruce not only adds a dash of sweetness to RSA-M3EX’s sound but also absorbs the negative vibrations from the chassis. The isolating feet are constructed from hard Itayakaede (mono maple) from Hokkaido and processed to give its curved contours to minimize the area of contact with the surface. Designed with a three-point contact layout for optimal stability, RSA-M3EX will work wonders regardless of the setup it is integrated, with no adverse impact on its own sound performance while delivering its maximum potential.


Equipped with power amplifier mode toggle

Built with signal input selector and volume control, RSA-M3 is an integrated amplifier with a simple architecture. Nevertheless, it can also be connected to a pre-amp or AV amplifier and operate purely as a power amplifier. To do so, flip the switch on the control panel to “Power AMP” mode. When operating as a power amplifier, the volume knob will become inactive as the gain will become fixed. To adjust the volume, you can do so at the pre-amp or AV amplifier.


Max output 120W×2(4Ω)   Frequency characteristics 10Hz~30kHz±1dB(6Ω、1W)
THD 0.02%(at 1kHz, 80% load)   Input sensitivity, Gain 300mVrms、37.3dB (at Volume MAX, 6Ω, 1KHz)
Line input terminals XLR input: 1 system, RCA input: 3 systems   Speaker terminals 1 system
Power & Other
Voltage AC110V、 60Hz   Power consumption 15W with no input signal, 180W (8Ω, 100Hz) at max output
External dimensions 440mm(W)×125mm(H)×414mm(D)   Weight 15.5Kg