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RSA-V1EX features the same power-amplifying unit as our flagship model the RSA-F33EX and as such, it offers the best C/P value amongst all products in the Real Sound Amplifier series. Delivering exquisite yet powerful driving capabilities to achieve natural and rich musicality, RSA-V1EX brings directness, speed, and musicality by reproducing natural sounds.

High precision PWM switching device that gives good pace to a rich sound

By using the latest Power MOSFET with a high precision pulse width modulation (PWM) switching device, we were able to achieve an ideal power switching configuration that generates minimal noise. For the driver, we incorporated an IC with high voltage resistance and excellent timing control to optimize the strengths of the MOS FET. The driving capability of this PWM switching device is extremely important as far as music playback is concerned and it offers outstanding damping characteristics in the mid-bass range (where the energy is most focused), thereby reproducing dynamic sound with great pace, even when paired with low-efficiency speakers.


Incorporating a classic and minimalistic analog power

The most notable feature of this POWER MOS FET is the fact that through PWM switching with power efficiency at the maximum output of 96%, we have in fact achieved approximately triple efficiency compared to traditional semiconductor amplifiers. This means that given the same power capacity (which is mainly determined by transformer adjustment), the RSA-V1EX delivers three times more power supply capabilities in contrast to semiconductor amplifiers, with the superior power quality fully reflected on the sound quality. As for the utilization of this high power efficiency, RSA-V1 adopted the most classic and minimalistic analog power that emits minimal noise and capacitor input BTL ± power.

The rectifier features the latest “Ultra Fast Soft Recovery Diode” to provide clean and ample power with minimal rectifier noise that could impact sound quality.

For the capacitors in the power supply, we have chosen three audio grade electrolytic capacitors with varying sound characteristics to ensure ample rectifying volume while maintaining tonal balance across the entire sound range. Coupled with ESR (equivalent series resistance) improvements, RSA-V1EX delivers smoother sound quality. In conjunction with premium high voltage endurance capacitors in parallel connection, the amplifier also offers euphonic mid-treble range overtones.

For the transformer, we have chosen the large capacity “R Core Transformer,” which effectively minimizes leakage flux while offering excellent responsiveness to instantaneous large currents to deliver music with PRaT.


The low-pass filter that determines sound quality at the end of the amplifier circuitry

The function of the low-pass filter is to attenuate PWM carrier wave (approximately 400KHz) at the end of the amplifier circuitry but only for analog output. Nevertheless, the sound quality, especially in the mid-treble to midrange, is susceptible to the impact of the low-pass filter. After repeated auditions for the RSA-V1 DT, we have conducted extensive researches on low-pass filter components in order to achieve more punchy bass and more natural and smoother treble.


Internal structure that cuts out all electromagnetic interference with thorough shielding

High frequency electromagnetic waves generated by the power supply and other circuitries inside audio equipment are susceptible to cross-interference and the conventional approach of electrical grounding is not sufficient to resolve the issue. And as such, key components including the transfer, the power amplifier and the low-pass filter of the amplifier have been housed in their dedicated steel casing to achieve shielding and effectively eliminate the cross-interference of electromagnetic waves among different components. In addition to the internal shielding, RSA-V1 DT also features the electromagnetic absorption coating (EMC) that is also seen on our signature product RSA-F1 to thoroughly eliminate the negative impact of electromagnetic waves.


Wooden base and isolation feet

The amplifier is complete with its dedicated wooden base and isolation feet. The base is constructed from a composite material of Canadian spruce and ductile linden from Hokkaido for their ideal harmonic resonance and is intended to dampen extra vibrations coming from the amplifier chassis in order to deliver a smooth and rounded sound. The isolation feet are made with hard Itaya maple from Hokkaido, which have been processed to achieve their rounded contours. These isolation feet are arranged in a three-point configuration with minimal contact area with the surface to offer steady support while minimizing external vibrations.

Jointly developed with Oak Village Corporation (Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture)

Insistence on using only premium parts and components

We have opted for premium parts and components of the highest quality, including high capacity power switch with locking mechanism, highly reliable switch toggles for communication devices and high-precision, customized volume attenuator, and premium rhodium plated RCA connectors for their resolution and excellent treble characteristics. These parts far surpass the standard quality requirements and by sparing no expenses, we hope to win the continued support from our customers.


Max output 50W×2(8Ω)、75W×2(6Ω)、100W×2(4Ω)   Frequency characteristics 10Hz~30kHz±1dB(6Ω、1W)
THD 0.02% (at 1kHz, 80% load)   Input sensitivity, Gain 300mVrms、37.3dB (Volume MAX、6Ω、1KHz)
Line input terminals XLR input: 1 system, RCA input: 3 systems    Speaker terminals 1 system
Power & Other
Voltage AC110V、 60Hz  

Power consumption

15W with no signal, 180W (8Ω, 100Hz) at max output
Dimensions 440mm(W)×120mm(H)×414mm(D)   Weight 14.5Kg