An elegant and natural Zen style




SPEC’s philosophy of “the ideal audio rig” is simple – regardless of the genre of music being played, the system should function as if it were the performer of the music so that the listener will forget the speakers exist while indulging themselves in the natural and organic sound. Such sound quality does not involve exaggerated bass or piercing treble; it is all about being able to enjoy the music freely regardless of the actual volume. It is about reproducing highly musical sounds without conflicting characteristics. Starting out from this basic premise, we have developed RSA-888, which further fleshes out the fast bass range and transparent and high-resolution mid-treble range.

Power amplification component that does not sound shrill or muddy

These newly developed high-precision, compact power amplification components are capable of transmitting fluctuating music elements to instantaneously to the speaker to produce a sound that is neither shrill or muddy, rendering elegant music with lingering reverberation. Not only that, these small components are extremely energy efficient and enables us to minimize the dimensions of the amplifier. Furthermore, we have also opted for the shortest layout for surrounding circuitries and wirings to bypass the issue of cooling altogether, while keeping the generation of noise to a minimum.


New switching power system that achieves ample bass and clarity in the mid-treble range

We have chosen the latest switching power. In order to achieve high quality power supply, we have paired the switching power with the latest diodes and capacitors. With such a quality power supply, the amplifier will be capable of delivering solid and punchy bass with fast and lush sound regardless of the genre of music you listen to. Not only that, the power supply is designed to resolve the issue of noise in order to bring clarity and transparent treble.


Compact dimensions and design that defies conventional perception of modern audio amplifiers

The compact power supply generates almost non-existent heat and makes it possible to reduce the form factor of the amplifier. Occupying merely 35cm in width, the amplifier is easy to operate and it is truly an incredible product in the high-end audio market. With RSA-717EX, it is easy to forget the equipment entirely and just focus purely on the enjoyment of music. In addition, we have taken advantage of not having to deal with the issue of cooling by adopting an enclosed chassis design to eliminate the issues of foreign particles entering the unit or contact deterioration, enabling the user to enjoy the amplifier without having to worry about these issues.
The innovative wooden side panels and isolation feet feature smooth running, natural contours. For the sake of sound quality, we have chosen to use wooden material to effectively reduce external vibrations while delivering instrument-like resonance. The sideboards are custom made by a high-end furniture manufacturer based in Takayama City of Hida, making the amplifier a work of traditional craftsmanship and a statement of both Japanese aesthetics and premium quality.


Painstaking attention to all details, just to realize the philosophy of “REAL SOUND”

We have utilized all effective means to eliminate electromagnetic interference within the amplifier that would impair sound quality, reduce redundant vibration, improve upon the issues of noise and phase accuracy. To ensure loyal support from our customers, we use only carefully selected premium parts for the amplifier.


Max output 100W×2(4Ω)   Frequency characteristics 10Hz~30kHz±1dB(6Ω、1W)
THD 0.02% (at 1kHz, 80% load)   Input sensitivity, Gain 300mVrms、37.3dB (Volume MAX、6Ω、1KHz)
Line input terminals XLR input: 1 system RCA input: 3 systems   Speaker terminals 1 system
Headphone socket 1 system      
Power & Other
Voltage AC110V、 60Hz   Power consumption 9W with no input signal, 150W (8Ω, 100Hz) at max output
External dimensions 350mm(W)×95mm(H)×375mm(D)   Weight 7.0Kg