Super Tweeter

Rendering treble extension more complete

Due to the nature of its operation and the load of mid-bass drivers in speakers, it is difficult to faithfully recreate the sound waves of minor details from the audio signal. In other words, the downside to sound reproduction through massive and bulky membranes and voice coils would result in the unavoidable loss of details. The addition of super tweeter to a system is crucial because it not only covers the minor details that mid-bass drivers fail to reproduce but also brings additional elements that exist in the original audio signal. To illustrate the role of a super tweeter in an audio rig, think of the up-sampling interpolation that takes place during the D/A conversion; one can think of a super tweeter as an analog interpolation component, the only difference being that it makes direct interpolation at the very end of a system.

Ceramic membrane driver

Ceramic membrane tweeter is superior to metallic membrane due to its material characteristics. However, the manufacturing process is significantly more difficult and many of the so called “ceramic membrane driver” are in fact metallic membranes finished with ceramic coating. The ceramic driver we have developed features pure ceramic membranes manufactured through special sintering and is capable of delivering over 95 dB of acoustic pressure (1W/1M) with treble extending to 60 KHz.
In terms of its sound quality, the ceramic membrane driver produces a clear and sweet sound with no metallic timbre, and provides noticeably superior dynamic response compared to ribbon super tweeters with its dynamic drive.


Delivers over 95dB of acoustic pressure

Spherical driver

The spherical dome made from solid aluminum alloy offers significant weight for stabilizing while dampening vibrations. The horn opening helps the sound waves to disperse and the spherical dome prevents sound interference from the diffracted soundwaves. Not only that, the dome can also be rotated to adjust the direction of sound projection, making the design both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Duo frequency configuration to improve soundstage imaging

The primary purpose behind the design of UT-0EX is to release and reproduce the signals beyond 20KHz. Most of the modern Hi-Fi speakers have frequency bandwidth reaching close to 20KHz, which is why 16KHz and 20KHz have been chosen as the crossover frequencies to prevent the treble from changing or affecting the original system balance. The end result is an improvement of the overall resolution, with a clearer and cleaner mid-bass and enhanced imaging and soundstage.

Adjustable volume

In order to ensure optimal efficacy and matching with other speakers with varying crossover frequencies, we have designed UT-0EX to have its own volume adjust control. Due to its high efficiency driver that is capable of reaching 101 dB at 30KHz, the feature ensures that the user will be able to achieve the desired volume regardless of the main speakers or spatial environment in question.


Treble extending to 101dB


Super Tweeter
Model UT-0EX   Driver 20 mm ceramic tweeter driver x1
Impedance   Crossover frequency 16KHz/21KHz (can be toggled)
Frequency response 16KHz~55KHz(±3dB)   Sensitivity 101dB(1w/30kHz)
Dimensions 150W x 107H x 206D (mm)   Weight 1.5 Kg (x1)
Country TAIWAN