Full Range Loudspeaker

Organic Sound

Cones made with natural fiber have been acknowledged to offer the most natural sound that can be enjoyed over long durations and require only moderate volume levels to deliver all the musical elements. Such is an important and healthy way of audition and very few speakers could accommodate such demand as well as PS-OEU. Boasting low power consumption and high efficiency, PS-OEU not only works well with all types of amplifiers but is also among the few speakers that enables low power 300B tube amps to truly sing.

Exclusive Gradient – Vary Fabric technology

By taking the contours of the cones that are most suited for treble, mid-range, and bass, the Gradient Vary Fabric makes it possible to combine three cones into one with strength capable of handling more than three times the power than that of a conventional full range cone. This allows it to achieve wider sound range and improved sound density.

The most direct and purest source of
Point Audio articulation

Each cabinet houses only one driver, which only has one voice coil for a one-way configuration. Without using any divider circuitry, the signal enters directly to the driver without any passive components. The result is spherical dispersion of sound waves, with identical phases to the input signal.

High sound quality and musicality
come from resolution and bandwidth

Exquisite and fully detailed treble without a trace of shrillness or metallic sound, with a bass that carries the right punch along with outstanding and precise imaging and instrument definition.
In a suitable listening environment, PS-OEU will deliver bass extension that surpasses your imagination. The body of its mid-range, its density and realism makes PS-OEU truly the”Best of the best”。

Transmission line cabinet design, with 2.08M of
transmission line length


Full Range Loudspeaker
Model PS-OEU   Impedance
Power handling 45W(RMS) 100W(Peak)   Frequency response 55Hz~18KHz(±3dB)
Sensitivity 90dB/W/m