Point Audio Bookshelf Speaker

Discovering even the subtlest of emotions

By AudioArt Chief Editor, Tao Chung-Hao

Exclusive Gradient-Vary Fabric

By taking the contours of the cones that are most suited for treble, mid-range and bass, the Gradient Vary Fabric makes it possible to combine three cones into one with a strength that is capable of handling more than three times the power that a conventional full range cone can withstand to achieve wider sound range and improved sound density.

HDF Material Transmission Line Cabinet

25mm Fiber Board, 40mm Front Baffle
High-strength cabinet, 1.15M transmission line.


Single HDF
Wood Fiber Board


The Front Baffle
Thick More

Impressions from auditions

Significantly improved body and lushness, with exceptional spatial positioning;delivers rich details even at a low volume to offer a pure and pleasing listening experience.

- Power amplifying component, reproducing a sound that is neither harsh nor muddy


Featuring premium WBT Nextgen terminals from Germany

Three-point contact (two front, one rear);
Mechanical grounding design to achieve low resonance and ensure sound clarity.

Sealed in Dupont’s high gloss finishing

Du Pont


Point Audio Bookshelf Speaker
Model 6501P1_R(Red) / 6501P1_B(Black)   Driver 6.5" Full-Rangex1
Impedance   Power handling 45W(RMS) 100W(Peak)
Frequency response 40Hz~19KHz   Sensitivity 90db/W/m
Weight 13Kg/pc      

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